K-Electronic Cigarette Store

Please bare in mind that since 1 January 2014 K-Electronic Cigarette Shop is closed. If you have questions regarding this business please use contact form or email me - store@k-electronic-cigarette.com

Thank You

As you can recall K-EC was an e-commerce store that have been offering a wide range of e-cig products. Unfortunately, as an owner, I had to close my business. Thanks to all the clients that have been with us for all those years.

At the moment, outside my professional life, I contribute to various e cigarette websites by writing a reviews and sharing my knowledge as an expert in that field.

Recently I was involved with:

  • "Up In Vapor E Cigarette Magazine" and helped them write RedCig Review. Thanks guys :)
  • TVECA - Electronic Cigarette Association
  • ECCA UK - UK Association
  • Helping one of my friends to establish ECigarettes 365 which is a premium ecigarette site dedicated to US market

Also I've added some old articles and looking forward to share more.